Kirara-hama Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan

Circle Ten Council
2015 World Jamboree

July 28 - August 8, 2015



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Frequently Asked Questions - Gear and Clothing

What gear and clothing do I need?
A gear list is available here and a clothing list is here.

What is the difference between a field uniform and a class A uniform?
The field uniform is the name of the uniform that includes the Scout shirt, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, and Scout socks. This is sometimes referred to as a “class A uniform”; however, that is an official BSA term.

What qualifies as a “Scout T-shirt?”
This could include T-shirts from the following: troop, Scout camp, BSA High Adventure Base (Philmont, etc.), Order of the Arrow, camporee or other Scouting event, Scout Jamboree, or just a generic BSA T-shirt.

I saw some shorts at a clothing store that look exactly like BSA shorts. Can I substitute them for BSA shorts?
No – only official BSA shorts and/or long pants may be worn.

Do you recommend the BSA “switchback” pants?
Yes – this is your best option. They easily convert between shorts and long pants, plus they have a build-in belt so you don’t have to bring one. In addition, they dry quickly after washing.

I’m in a Venturing crew. If I wear my Venturing shirt, what pants and socks do I wear?
We are NOT traveling as a Venture Crew.  Please wear your Boy Scout uniform!

Will I have a chance to wear non-Scout clothes?
The only time you will wear non-Scout clothes is on the day when we do our service project. Please do not bring any non-Scout clothes, other than your work clothes for the service project.


Frequently Asked Questions - Travel

Will we fly from DFW?
Yes!!  The Circle
Ten troop will be departing from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (we recently learned DFW is a gateway city) and will fly to Tokyo, Japan.  After landing at Tokyo's Narita airport, we will then travel by bus or train to Yamaguchi City, Japan.  We anticipate the travel from Narita to Yamaguchi City to be approximately 4 hours.

How long is the flight?
A non-stop flight from DFW to Narita is approximately 13 hours. The return flight takes almost 12 hours.

How can I avoid jet lag?
Click here to download some suggestions.


Frequently Asked Questions - General

How are the Jamboree troops organized?
Troops consist of 40 people - 36 Scouts and 4 adult leaders. Of the Scouts, 4 serve as youth leaders: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Scribe, and Quartermaster. The remaining 32 Scouts are divided into 4 patrols of 8 Scouts each. Each patrol will have a Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, and other leadership positions as determined by the patrol.

Where can I get information about obtaining a passport?
Passport information is available from the following Web site:  As BSA prepares to purchasee plane tickets on your behalf for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree, please send before January 15, 2011, a copy of your passport via first class mail to:

2011 World Scout Jamboree


Boy Scouts of America

1325 West Walnut Hill Lane

Irving, TX 75038

Will I have to have a physical exam?
Yes. You will need to use the official World Jamboree medical form available in the participant guide located here.  The scout will need to complete parts A, B and C and submit the completed form to Bill Hemenway at

What will the weather be like in Japan during the Jamboree?
The average high is 90 degrees; the average low is 80 degrees. These are averages, so it could be warmer or cooler. Rain is likely with daily averages of 0.2 inches.

What is the time difference between Dallas and Yamaguchi, Japan?
There's a 14 hour time difference. When it's 8:00 am in Dallas, it's 10:00 pm in Japan.